The g3a3 is my first weapon model.It's actually kind of funny how this model was brought to life. It started
with a model of the bullet ( 7.62, N50 ). And then I decided to model everything around it. I did not model
internal parts nor did I rig it for animation. It was basicly more of a practicemodel. Therefore I do not have
too much to show you here, but I managed to bring some of the old renders/screenshots back. I also added
a few wires after requests from forum users out there.


  Since this is an old project I don't have previews of all of the videos. Don't let that cool you off. The first is
of the bullet opening to demonstrate where the powder is and the mechanism in it that fires it. Then there's
a spin of the rifle.
( 422kb )
( 2316 kb )
The bulletVideo is using DivX codec. You can download it here.The g3a3 video uses sorensen3.
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