The newest image in this section is the new testrender where I test the material for the handle. I have also
tested the light rig for the final image. I think I'm pretty close, but I need to get rid of artifacts etc. The light-
rig consists of a default 3 point lighting, six domelights and IBL lit with a ramp. After several requests
I post the wires of the gun here too. The model was never optimized so I hope you can look at them without
going... "Ahrg, my eyes. It burns!".


  Below are the older images. If you have viewed the project earlier you micht recognize them. First off, reference:
  I have no snapshots of WIP-images. However I post some images that show the gunmodel a bit dismantled


  Below are a spin of the slide and the riggingDemo. This video shows a rig in an early phase. I haven't updated
the rig, but I have brought what I learned with me to the AUG project. Left click the thumbnails.
( 2138 kb )
( 25122 kb )
( 1750 kb)
( 2445 kb)
All the clips are using the sorensen3 codec. You will need quickTime to view them. Get quickTime here