No, the picture above is a photograph, but I aim for photorealism on this project.

I started creating this model as an exercise. I will use the modeling method I use here on the upcoming
subway model. I couldn't afford to get the blueprints scanned at the time so I practice while I wait. Clever,
huh? Blueprints were harder to get my hands on when it came to the 6600. I was in contact with NOKIA, but
they couldn't supply the blueprints. Instead I created a half-decent setup with hig-res images from the
NOKIA-web site, but these still allign poorly.

I'll use this project to learn other things than modeling too. I will go through procedural texturing, complex
shader-networks. I will dig into the world of lighting and rendering. A "commercial" will also be good for
post-production exercises.

This project will be one step ahead the subway most of the time so I can switch back and forth between
the two. I'll use the N6600 project to get an understanding of things I have to be able to use during the
subway project.