Wrote a 6 page tutorial on MEL and I also have 2 new scripts for release. Right
now I only release one of them, but the other will be with you shortly. Take a
look in the resources section to check out the new stuff...


The modellingSuite just hit version 1.0. Take a look at it in the resource section.
So far the suite holds three scripts : "setup reference", "modellingShader" and
"mirror Geometry" . The resources section also contains videos for demonstration
and a rar file to download.

I had to take the "on demand" sections down because I simply so not have the
time. However I will continue supporting the community with scripts and tuts ;)

In a week or so footage from the Elias series that I worked on will be posted on
this site



I just finished my modellingSuite beta 0.1 and it's hosted here
This is a collection of scripts I have scripted in 2005 and there are some new ones
there as well. So far I have added the reference setup and I have three, four +++
scripts to add to this. This script is a timesaver and for modellers this is a must-
have :)

Please let me know if you encounter any problems so I can fix it.


As a way for me to help others and at the same time learn something I officialy
open two new sections; MEL on Demand and Tutorial on Demand. Here you can
request mel-scripts or tutorials. If you have a specific problem or you need a
script, just use the form under contact and let me know. If the script gets to hard
I have other contacts that will guide me (not do the script, but help me understand)
It might take some time, it might not. The important thing is that it gets out
there for everyone to use.

I have also started the tutorial on polymodelling dealing with cutting holes and
adding wierd geometry to your mesh. These questions often show up at CG forums
and I thought I should share my experiences with you. Thank God it's Christmas,
I might even get to do these things :)

I'm also working on a modellingSuite which will contain the tools I have scripted
for myself and others. This will combine a series of scripts and the user will be able
to customize it to only source the tools he/ she wants to use.


Elias is growing popular and the series was finished early november ( production )
It is on the air every weekend for the kids, and adults, to enjoy. The ratings are
high and the translations are rolling so the rest of the countries that bought this
series will be able to see it.

Elias merchandise are in the stores too and if you click the image on the left you
can see what I bought my niese for christmas this year.

Not only does the series do well. We hace been working on ELIAS THE MOVIE for
almost two months. We are in pre-production and I am currently hired as a
modeling supervisor ( lead modeller ) My job is to make sure all the models are
sufficiently modelled and I also have output myself so I model boats all day long.



Two more tutorials added to the resource page. One regarding seting up a hand
rig in Maya and one regarding modeling a nut and a bolt. I wrote that tutorial
while I modeled it so new things tend to come up.

Take a look:

Modeling a nut
Rigging a hand with driven keys


I have added my first written tutorial in the resource section. The tutorial focuses

  1. Using the bend-deformer
  2. How to make one attribute depend on another.
  3. How to use math in expressions to create animation.

Check it out here: sine-tutorial


The entire resource-section is recoded and I have added my new script here.

My frustration made me create a script that controls shaders when modeling and
rendering. I'd like you to take a look at it if you use Maya for these tasks and
maybe give me some feedback on it.

And on the AUG: I have almost finished the pologonal model of the 14" barrel.


I uploaded two new animations in my portfolio-section. A bouncing ball and a
walkcycle. Models and riggs are made by Miguel (lichiman) and I have to say
they work great. Easy and fast to work with.

I will focus on the "resources"-pages on the next update so links, scripts etc.
will pop up :)


Elias the little resque-boat recieves 7.5 million NOK ( 1.2 million USD) to support
further production. I've been working with modeling, some rigging, animation
and render on the original series that will air this fall.

The money recieved will open for more 3d in norway for the future. Norwegians
can read more about it here: www.filmfondet.no



I managed to get my hands on the Steyr AUG. Therefore I have reference
enough to start a large project with it. I am also writing an article while doing the
project itself. I made a diary so you can follow my steps ( look in the portfolio ).

If you want to be on the mailingList to get every update, just leave your mail
in the contactform and the line "I want to be in the list". category is not important.

I also updated the other models and animation


I wrote down a lot of errors while checking the page a couple of weeks ago and I am fixing things here and
there when I have time. This newspage is one of the changes, the resourcepage is next and then I have to
work on the AUG project. Minor graphical changes will appear here and there. You'll probably not notice all of
them, but I try to change the total impression of the site to something better.

I also archived some old news to save space. To read the old news click the link below:

go to archive