Once again I have updated the portfolio section. Under the glock section you can find a new test render. I think
I'm getting close to get the material on the handle right, but the slide is not tested yet. (It just has the same
shader assigned.) I have also updated my profile... I found out that I got older.....

An update focusing on the portfolio section. About time if you ask me... Just go there and leave me some
feedback if you feel like it.


I can't believe it's been this long. 6 months and no update? That's not good enough. I have so much to do
at work that I can't afford to work on my personal projects.

You can check out the trailer of the series I'm working on.
( Click this link to view the trailer. ELIAS-the little resqueboat )

I manage to do some scripting and some modeling
here and there, but not enough. I'm working on an article where I create a steyr AUG (webpage) The
complexity of this project is somewhere about 5-6 times the glockProject (check portfolio) I have anticipated
a release on the article and the model, rig, tools etc. The date so far is 1st of June. I will struggle to get it
released on time because I have not been able to get the reference I need. So far I model as good as I can
with the referencematerial I have. I also do advanced riggingtests and MEL scripting because I do not rely
on reference on that.

I have also done some changes with the htm files. Some things you can not see, but it makes my life easier.
There are minor graphical addons. I will also upgrade my portfolio a bit later. That section is a mess right now.
I have to work on that. Better renders and better organization will come.


I added my newly started project, the N6600, in the portfolio section.
Take a look

I will add pages as I get along with the model. So far I have two pages. A presentation and an explaination
of my workmethods so far.



Just managed to get the site up and running. I have to make this during my sparetime so I ask you
to be patient. The site will be filled with 3drenders, animations, links, tools, articles and more.
You will be able to contact me in different ways to ask questions or to comment, criticise the site,
my work or whatever.

enjoy your stay.