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Martin Andersson
19.03.82 ( 25 yrs )
Oslo, Norway
3d consultant Storm Studio.
Alias Maya
p4 Prescott 3.2 GHz
Dual LaCie PhotonVision 20"
Nvidia GeForce 6800 ultra.


So, you decided to find out who I am? This page will tell the story of my life in an extreme short way.

When I was a little boy my teacher never got me to focus on the blackboard. I was busy building KinderEggs
or drawing. One time I was sent away to an empty classroom because I didn't bother learning the alphabet.
I sat in this classroom drawing Obelix. When my teacher got back to pick me up she saw this and realized
I'd just have to be allowed to sit there drawing. (I did pay attention later though, but my mathbooks looked
like a sketchbook)

I have always sketched. When I'm on the phone I create 3d shading on all the headings in the newspaper.
I also liked to carve things so my moms dinnertable got a bit wrecked once. I call it art :)
Luckily at school we got to create some things in woodwork-class. I've always liked creating things.
I like results. Not numbers, but a result you can watch.

3d really became an issue for me when I was 18 years old. I was introduced to discreet 3ds max r3 by a friend
and started working my ways around it. In 2003 I switched to Alias Maya due to educational reasons.
I started studying 3d design. I really felt like I didn't know anythig about 3d yet so I decided to take a second
year. This turned out to be a clever idea and I took a year with 3d animation. A bunch of us from 3d design
took this year and this bunch worked together very well. I also met an amazing teacher, Nina Bergström who
helped me get to where I am today.

Today I work at a Filmstudio called Filmkameratene ( badly translated "MovieBuddies" ) This company has
20 years of experience in the business. 3d is new to them and Elias, the little rescueboat is the first 3d project
they have done. Earlier they have done two 2d animation movies so animation itself is not new to them.

I was originally hired as an animator, but now I work with lighting and render. I like to work with a lot of things
in 3d. The thing I do at work is interesting and fun. It's the artistic final touch of the product. When I get home
I like to grow on pre- production aspects of this medium so modeling, rigging and animation are basicly
what I do in my spare time.

Elias is a little rescueboat stationed in "cosy cove". Here he is surrounded by other boats like Smacky the old
fisherboat and the newer trawler Trawly. for help he will go to the Wise lighthous Big Blinky.
If you like to read more about the little rescueboat you can go to the project's webpage here .

I'm also interested in gaming, mostly cinematics and other high poly stuff like profiling etc. VALVe is on
my dreamlist, but I guess I have to create more lowpoly stuff. I just don't understand how I will get the time
to do this. Maybe I have to stop doing highpoly stuff at home.