This is the resource-section. Here I'll add tutorials, scripts, links, standalone programs and all the stuff I find
useful and want to share with you. Right now the section lacks a lot of info and there are only a few things
operative, but this is because I updated this section after finishing my shaderAssigner (MEL) Inactive links are
marked with this icon ( ) and active links are marked ( )

The MEL on demand section is down. However I will finish the ones I started and I'll come up with new scripts
for you out there to work with. Hang in there :)



  - Maya MEL: How to create the renderStatsEditor script.
  - Maya 7.0: Cutting holes and adding geometry in mesh (polygons)
  - Maya 7.0: Modeling a nut and bolt.... It get's out of hand so I rig it too.
  - Maya 7.0: Using driven keys to set up a hand- rig
  - Maya 7.0: Using math with expressions to create an animationControl.
  - Maya 7.0: contextMarkingMenus in (Video)


  - #001: Alias Attributes.mel (98% done)


  - final3_modellingSuite.mel
  - final3_renderStatsEditor.mel
  - final3_polyReduce.mel



- Reminder. ( standalone program )