This request was originally posted on CGtalk, but the topicstarter and I agreed to take it further and
communicate via MSN. With his wishes in my mind I created this script.

Right-click this image and choose "save target as".
Further instructions are in the readMe.txt file.

In Maya you can add- and edit attributes. However, the default attributes ( translate, rotate and scale ) are
holy ground. You are not able to rename these attributes, but you can give them Aliases.

This scene is set up with a polyCube... and that's basicly it.

If you want to create an alias for translate X and/or want to give this attribute new limits you can do this
directly and you do not need to go through the attributeEditor to fix this. When you execute the script four textFields appears. You should understand what these does.

Notice that translateX is selected and therefore this attribute will be changed. The script does not rely on a
selection before the execution so you can change your mind or change another attribute without re-executing
the script.

Maya is a bit bitchy when it comes to these attributes so I had to make the script able to identify the attributes
as "default" or "default with alias". When you click the button "Alias Attribute" the procedure will figure out
if you have already given this attribute and simpy renames it. You will not see this as the user though.

Known errors:

- The script will not be able to rename aliases if there are spaces between the words. etc: "new attr" instead
of "newAttr" or "new_attr". I will look into this, but I decided to release it now. If you wish to recieve an e-mail
when the script is 100% use the contact form.

- I also discovered another brutal error. If you do not set min-, max- and defaultValue. I have to create a
checkBox for this or something.