final3 modellingSuite v 1.0

Beta 0.3 never made public. Internal testing was used and this release is actually version uno. However if
you run into any problems please let me know using the contact-form on this site or reply to the thread over
at CGTalk: clickety-click

What's new:
--> A lot!

The story behind it all:

If a task gets repetative there is no need to continue doing it! If you don't write MEL, grab someone who does
and get the script written. This is actually the reason I started learning MEL in the first place. The modelling-
Suite holds the scripts I use most often when modelling: "referenceSetup" , "modellingShaders" and "mirror-
Geo ". In the future this suite will hold tools that deal more directly with meshediting.

I use this script every day being a modeller myself so I recon someone out there might find this useful too.
Therefore I'd like to share it with the community.

If you want to see what this script can do by now before installing it on your own machine you could download
the videos below. The "" requires the techsmith codec. Get codec here.
The three other *.movs requires sorenson 3. The clip holds info on how to use the scripts, however you could
also find documentation in the suite itself so videos are just for further assistance.

Videos are updated with the latest update ( 1.0 ) I had to make a torrent for the first file due to heavy trafic.
I will host the file, but I also recommend other peopple who downloaf it to keep it hosted so the community
will be able to get the file! (9kb) (1.5 mb) (6.6 mb) (4.1 mb)

Did it look like a useful script to install? Well, here is the rar- file. This file contains the scripts, icons and
all the template referenceImages shown in the video. It also contains a readMe-file with installation
instructions etc. By installing this script you agree that and the author of this script can not be
held responsible for any damage to your system caused by this script. However, this script has been tested on
several machines and should not cause any harm.

I'm working on the exe file for easier install, but it might take some time. It's really not that hard to install anyway.

( Right Click - Save target as...)

The "readMe.txt" will guide you through the installation.



Martin Andersson