Recently I had to reduce the polyCount for a digital set by about 50%. There were a lot of duplicated objects
there so the mesh was basicly the same for many objects. Therefore I thought there had to be a way to
define which components to delete on all of these objects. I wrote several for- in loops and decided that it
would save me time to just write a script that would do the code for me. This is the result:

The way to use it:

  1. Select the components you wish to delete ( vertices, edges or faces Multiple componentTypes not
    allowed. You can't select faces and edges at the same time. )
  2. Then you click "Define components" to store your selection. The script will tell you which type was
  3. Then you select all the object you want to delete the components on and hit "Delete on selected".

Click to enlarge:





You can download the script below ( installnotes supplied with the readMe.txt. )